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To enhance your colonic cleansing experience try combining it with a detox consult. Our friendly fully qualified Naturopath is here to personalise your wellness program. Get the right advice and really live.

9 DIETARY LAWS – to help you reach and maintain optimum health:

  • The law on Natural, Pure, and Whole. Our food should be natural, whole and pure. Whole food builds a whole body.
  • The law of Proportions. We should eat foods in the proper proportions. Each day we should have six vegetables, two fruits, one starch, and one protein.
  • The law of Acid-Alkaline Balance. Our diets should be 80-percent alkaline and 20-percent acid. Vegetables and fruits are alkaline. Starches and proteins are acid.
  • The law of Variety. Our diets should have the proper variety. Each day we should eat different vegetables, different fruits, different starches, and different proteins.
  • The law of Raw Foods. Our diets should be 60-percent raw foods. The natural, raw form of foods provides the most nutritional value. They supply the best vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes.
  • The law of Natural Cure. Nature cures, but she must be given the opportunity. Only when we eat properly is the body supplied with the nutrients nature needs to accomplish tissue repair and replacement. Colonics are also a wonderful natural cure.
  • The law of Moderation. We cannot eat one or a few foods to excess without causing nutritional deficiencies due to the lack of variety in the diet.
  • The law of Deficiency. If we do not eat enough of the right foods, we will develop nutritional deficiencies. Every disease is associated with some kind of nutritional deficiency.
  • The law of Food Combining. Certain starches and proteins – for example, meat and potatoes, and eggs and hash browns – should not be eaten together. It is all right to put milk on cooked oatmeal or millet. Eat melons separately from other foods.
  • A persons health can be judged by which he takes two at a time,- pills or stairs.
    – Joan Welsh

By Appointment, 7 Days a Week

70A Chapel Street, St Kilda Victoria 3182
Telephone 1300 80 20 83
[email protected]