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Colonic Hydrotherapy Melbourne

With the most contemporary facilities and knowledge staff, experience private, hygienic and thorough treatment at Aqua Health, the leading choice in colonic hydrotherapy Melbourne has to offer.

How does colonic hydrotherapy work? Warm, filtered water is flushed through the colon, softening and removing ‘junk’ that has accumulated over many years.

Colonic hydrotherapy effectively flushes the colon of toxins in a simple, relaxed procedure can re-energise your body.

Colonic Hydrotherapy Benefits

These are some of the many benefits colonic hydrotherapy can provide. There are many more than those included in this list, but this is a good start.


  • Increased vitality
  • Natural detoxification, which provides liver support
  • Improvement in skin texture and suppleness
  • Reduction of bloating, creating a flatter stomach
  • Effective and natural weight loss
  • Fast relief from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Assistance in the elimination of parasites and candida
  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Improved muscle function of the colon (peristalsis), making bowel movements more regular
  • Sharpened mental alertness
  • Enhanced feelings of wellbeing (it can also help reduce depression and fatigue)
  • Relief from headaches and lower back pain


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