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Rapid Weight Loss Melbourne & Weight Loss Cleanse

As a kick start to a health regime, or to complement an already healthy lifestyle, colonic irrigation is a great way to release some of the needless physical waste and emotional stress that we carry around day to day.

Studies show that between 1-3 kilograms of weight is lost immediately after colonic irrigation treatments. This is achieved through the elimination of material that can build up and linger in the bowel.

Purifying and cleansing the body in this way can lead to a range of benefits that contribute to successful and sustainable weight loss.

Colonic irrigation may help to

  • Increase the body’s metabolic rate
  • Encourage healthy eating and decrease cravings
  • Relieve stress and anxiety, thus reducing emotional eating
  • Increase energy production and vitality, by reducing the toxic load in the body

Colonics are a popular method to shed kilos and feel lighter before sporting games, competitions and marathons.

Try a colonic today, as a great adjunct to a healthy lifestyle and weight loss cleanse.


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